My name is Emily Meade. I’ve been a florist for about 10 years now but I have always had a passion for gardening and all things flowers! Since I was a child I’ve been studying plants in the woods with my father or just by planting them in our home garden. I later furthered my education at Vermont Technical college studying Landscape design and Sustainable Horticulture. My summers home from school I worked with my grandfather running a vegetable business in his back yard. We grew roughly 10 acres of vegetables that we sold in two locations for 4 summers.While I worked for myself I also worked at a local floral shop Learning the basics. I fell in love with floral work and wanted to learn all that I could. I then furthered my floral education working in the floral department at my local supermarket. My manager taught me everything she knew and inspired me to continue my floral journey. I worked for her for 2 years learning everything I could from her before I moved to another location to manage my own department. I met so many wonderful and talented people in my time there and soaked up everything they could teach me. I later created M’s Wedding Flowers. I work from my home in central Vermont, always looking to learn new and exciting ways to design. I also grow a variety of hardy and soft succulents that I sell in bulk as well as use in many of my designs. So, whether you are looking for floral arrangements for your special day or you just have questions about plants or flowers in general send me a message, I would be happy to answer.